Welcome to www.schulwegplaene.de, the comprehensive
guideline for improving safety and amenity on the way to school,
made by German Pedestrian Association FUSS e.V.

During childhood about every 10th child in Germany has such a serious accident in traffic that it must be noticed by police. Means to improve the safety of traffic are required on many places in town. The net of ways to school thereby plays an important role. Additional ways to school should be especially attractive for children. Here they can learn it is fun to explore the town on foot. It is an direct approach to environmental friendly and social mobility.
This method, to plan the way to school, suggested by FUSS e.V., contains these two aspects and in Germany is proved over decades. It aims at minimizing the causes of traffic conflicts by regulating means and construction. Good plans for the way to school can be a handle for improving the life siuation of children and thereby of all other inhabitants of the town too.